Theories and Techniques of Oral Implantology (vol.2) (published 1970)   Dr. Leonard I. Linkow

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CHAPTER 1 Current implant techniques—an overview, 1

2 The tissues involved in implant procedures, 26

3 The implant site, 53

4 Implant histology, 81

5 The evolution of dental implants, 134

6 Evaluating the implant candidate, 201

7 Operative tips, 259

8 Single tooth implants, 311


9 Mandibular endosseous implant interventions, 335

10 Maxillary endosseous implant interventions, 386

11 Endosseous blade implants, 461

12 Subperiosteal implants, 531

13 Endodontic implants, 581

14 Causes of implant failure, 608

15 Atypical implant situations, 629

Bibliography, 665


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